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Areas of Interest


Name of Place
Toledo Public Library: Main Branch
Main Post Office
Central-Northwest District
Police Station
SeaGate Convention Centre
Government Center
Mercy Hospital
COSI Toledo
Promenade Park

325 N. Michigan St.
234 N. summit St.
525 N. Erie St.
401 Jefferson Ave
One Government Center
2200 Jefferson Ave.
1 Discovery Way

Phone Number

Center City, as the name implies, is the heart of downtown Toledo. This area is made up of three distinct neighborhoods: the downtown, the Warehouse District, and the Uptown District. Every weekday, Fortune 500 companies and government conduct business, ships are seen coming to port on the Maumee River, and restaurants and cafes of all varieties serve food to their patrons. Despite all this bustle, many choose to make Center City their home.

Those people who live in Center City usually choose to reside in apartment buildings or loft apartments. Loft apartments are one of the newest innovations in urban living. They involve converting unused building into a series of apartment units. Urban lofts are spacious, and their large windows offer breathtaking views of the urban landscape. The Uptown area has several market rate high rise apartment towers, affording views of either the Old West End or the downtown Toledo skyline.

Residents of Center City find almost all their necessities within walking distance. In one afternoon, they can take a walk on the Maumee River in Promenade Park, have supper at a local restaurant, visit the COSI exhibit, check out a book at the public library, visit a local convention, and attend a rock concert without ever setting foot in a car!

Toledo has been experiencing an urban renaissance in the last decade. With the construction of the Seagate Centre Complex, Toledo has become a popular site and annual meeting place for various conventions and expositions. Promenade Park is the site for the annual Rock, Rhythm, and Blues Fest, as well as Rally by the River, a weekly summer concert series. COSI has recently located in Promenade Park’s Portside Building, offering a unique experience in science for all ages. The Warehouse District, at the southernmost portion of Center City, has converted many of its unused buildings to house such successful business ventures like the Spaghetti Warehouse, the Bakery Building, the Maumee Bay Brewing Company (located in the Oliver House), and loft apartment housing. At the site known as Commodore Island, Owens Corning Fiberglas has relocated to build their world headquarters. Renovation of the Toledo Farmers Market and a restored Valentine Theater are new urban projects to help enrich downtown living.

If transportation is a concern, Center City may be the place for you. On the Anthony Wayne Trail, you can take a quick exchange to I-75, or continue on the thoroughfare to the Toledo Zoo or the nearby town of Maumee. Monroe Street offers a convenient corridor to places like the Frankiln Park Mall and the Toledo Museum of Art. Summit Street leads northward to Point Place and its local Yacht Clubs, and Cherry Street connects to North Toledo and offers a bridge across the Maumee River to East Toledo.

With very few single family homes for sale, Center City is a place for rental options. The average monthly rate for rent is around $200. Most loft apartments have a monthly rate over $500. While there are only a few dozen existing loft apartments, high demand has launched the construction of many more, and the number of urban dwellings are rapidly increasing. Over 2,000 people live in Center City. The average household income of these residents, based on 1990 census data, is around $10,000.

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