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Areas of Interest

Area 1

Name of Place
Toledo Public Library:  Birmingham Branch
Birmingham Elementary School Holy Rosary School 
St. Stephens School
Collins Park 
Ravine Park

203 Paine Ave.
2222 Bakewell St.
2565 York St.
2018 Consaul St.

Phone Number 259-5210
691-4545 691-1653 691-8760


Birmingham is located just east of the Maumee River, and experienced slow growth until a toll bridge connecting East Toledo to the downtown was bought by the city in 1865 and reconstructed. Once this was done, businesses came pouring into East Toledo. In 1892, one such business, the National Malleable Casting Company, relocated from Cleveland, Ohio to the northern portion of East Toledo. Along with the new plant came the families of skilled immigrant workers. These people provided for the nucleus of Birmingham’s settlement.

With a major port and hub for rail transportation to the north, an interstate to the south, the Maumee River to the west, and open park space to the east, Birmingham is an isolated and relatively small neighborhood. This isolation and small size give the neighborhood the feel of a small town. The homes in Birmingham are predominantly in the Edwardian Arts and Crafts and Prairie architectural styles, and are lined with large trees. 

Birmingham is the home of Tony Packo’s Cafe, made famous by Toledo actor Jamie Farr (Corporal Klinger) of the television show M*A*S*H. In August, there is an annual Birmingham Ethnic Festival, where Toledoans enjoy ethnic foods, dancing, and traditional entertainment. The Harvest Dance and the Hall of Fame Banquet are events that honor those who have made outstanding contributions to the neighborhood of Birmingham. 

Despite the small size of Birmingham, many parks can be found nearby. Collins Park offers a public place to play golf, while Ravine Park, running along Duck Creek, contains baseball diamonds, basketball and tennis courts, and a public swimming pool. On nearby Lake Erie, residents of Birmingham can enjoy fishing and boating. Like the rest of East Toledo, Birmingham is a short drive away from Maumee Bay State Park, located on the shore of Lake Erie. 

Although isolated from most of Toledo, Birmingham has a direct link to the metropolitan area via Interstate 280. The Great Eastern Shopping Center and Woodville Mall are just south of Birmingham, although many small shops and businesses can be found right in the neighborhood, adding to the small town feel. 

Homes in Birmingham, based on 1990 census data, average between $20,000 to $40,000 in price, and have an owner occupancy rate of 65%. Over 5,000 people live in Birmingham, and their average annual household income, based on 1990 census data, is around $20,000.

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