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Areas of Interest  

Area 1

Name of Place
The Toledo Zoo
Bowsher High School
Harvard Elementary School Beverly Elementary School
Our Lady of Perpetual Help School Toledo Christian School Walbridge Park
Woodsdale Park
Holiday Plaza

2700 Broadway St.
3548 S. Detroit Ave.
1949 Glendale Ave.
4022 Rugby Dr.
2255 Central Grove Ave. - 2303 Brookford Dr.

Phone Number 385-4040 385-5776 382-2002 382-9281
382-5696 389-8700


The Beverly neighborhood is nestled along the Maumee River in the southernmost portion of Toledo. Beverly began to develop as a residential suburb in the 1930’s, although the neighborhood does contain some housing dating back to the 1880’s. These homes are found mainly in areas closest to the Maumee River, and newer housing has been constructed in areas west of Byrne Road and on in-fill parcels from the 1960’s to present. The area’s natural setting is enhanced by its scenic ravines and hillside areas along Delaware Creek, and the Maumee River. This unique natural setting is complemented by the architectural styles of the area’s homes, ranging from large Georgian style river front estates to one and one-half story Cape Cod style homes. This area also includes a large number of Colonial style two-story homes as well as brick ranch style homes. These homes are framed by an abundant amount of mature shade trees. 

Beverly is home to a substantial amount of park land and open space. The Toledo Zoo, one of the finest in the nation, is located in the northernmost portion of Beverly. Many visitors from inside and outside the Toledo Metropolitan area come here to spend the day. Walbridge Park, located on the Maumee River and across the street from the Toledo Zoo, includes a jogging path, a gazebo for small outdoor concerts, several boating clubs, and a boat launch. Copland Park, Pickford Park, river Road Park, and Beverly Park are smaller neighborhood parks located in Beverly. All these park facilities are conveniently located within walking or biking distance for Beverly residents. The Toledo Country Club, with a golf course, boating facilities, and many other amenities, is also located within Beverly and provides scenic views for many homes in the southern portion of Beverly.

Located less than five miles from downtown Toledo, Beverly enjoys convenient access to the rest of the Toledo Metropolitan area. The Anthony Wayne Trail offers a landscaped entry to downtown Toledo and connection to Interstate 75 to the north and Interstate 475 to the south. Detroit Avenue, another major Toledo roadway, provides access to the north. Glendale Avenue runs westward and provides quick access to the nearby Medical College of Ohio and the Southland and Southwyck shopping centers. River Road, on the other hand, offers a scenic and leisurely drive along the Maumee River to downtown Toledo.

The average cost of housing in Beverly, based on 1990 census data, is between $60,000 and $100,000. Beverly enjoys a high owner-occupancy rate of 75%. Almost 10,000 people live in Beverly, and their average annual household income, based on 1990 census data, is $37,000.

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