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Areas of Interest


Name of Place
Wernert Post Office
Whitmer High School
Jefferson Junior High School
Wernert Elementary School
Washington Junior High School
St. Clement School
Hiawatha Elementary School
Meadowvale Elementary School
Trilby Elementary School
Jackman Elementary School
Greenwood Park
Miracle Mile Shopping Center

2618 Tremainsville Rd.
5601 Klegg Dr.
5530 Whitmer Dr.
5050 Douglas Rd.
5700 Whitmer Dr.
3020 Tremainsville Rd.
5020 Photos Dr.
2755 Edgebrook Dr.
5720 Secor Rd.
2010 Northover Rd.

Phone Number

Annexed by Toledo in the 1960s, Whitmer-Trilby is bounded by the Ann Arbor railroad, Laskey Road, Secor Road, and the Michigan State Line. This area, which contains many post World War II homes, also was the site of the town of Trilby, on the corner of Alexis Road and Secor Road. The name Whitmer is taken form the local high school on Alexis road.

Though most of Whitmer-Trilby’s homes are post World War II constructions, a few older structures still remain in the neighborhood. 1940s style Bungalows, Ranch, Split Level, and Neo-Colonial are the dominant architectural types, though a few older Arts and Crafts designs are found. Large lots with many trees are common in Whitmer-Trilby, while streets are arranged in a curvilinear grid system with limited access to major streets.

Whitmer-Trilby is home to many parks. Greenwood Park, near the Michigan border, has a baseball diamond for local residents to enjoy. Jackman Park also has a baseball diamond and playing field. Trilby Park, to the east, has facilities like a tennis court, baseball diamond, and playing field. A local golf course is also found nearby.

Shopping is easy for residents of Whitmer-Trilby, and many commercial centers can be found lining the neighborhood’s four major streets: Alexis Road, Laskey Road, Secor Road, and Jackman Road. The Miracle Mile Shopping Center at the corner of Jackman Road and Laskey road offers many goods and services to local residents. North Towne Square Mall is only a few blocks to the east on Alexis Road, and the Franklin Park Mall is just southwest of the neighborhood.

Whitmer-Trilby has access to many of West Toledo’s major streets. Both Alexis and Laskey Roads serve as east-west commercial corridors, and connect to the city of Sylvania in the west. Secor Road runs south to the Westgate Shopping Center and The University of Toledo. Both Jackman Road and Tremainsville Road head south and southeast, respectively, to join at one of Five Points’ two five-way intersections.

Homes in Whitmer-Trilby, based on 1990 census data, average from $50,000 to $70,000 in price, and have an owner occupancy rate of 60%. Almost 20,000 people live in this neighborhood, and their average annual household income, based on 1990 census data, is around $30,000.

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