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Areas of Interest


Name of Place
Lagrange Elementary School
Riverside Elementary School
Chase Elementary School
Riverside Hospital
St. Michael Elementary School
Miracle Park
Riverside Park
Northwest Riverfront Park

1001 N. Erie St.
500 Chicago St.
3315 Mayo St.
1600 N. Superior St.
Chase & Cleveland

Phone Number

On the Michigan border, North Towne is bounded by Detroit Avenue, Laskey Road, and the Ann Arbor railroad line. Originally a suburb of Toledo, North Towne was annexed to the city in the 1960s.

Growth came to North Towne in the 1950s and steadily continued through the 1970s. Homes here reflect the popular designs of that time. Ranches, split-Levels, and Neo-Colonial cottages are the dominant architectural styles. Houses sit on large lots with broad front lawns, while the street system is laid on a grid pattern with limited access to major streets.

Situated in the center of North Towne is Mayfair Park, which features a baseball diamond, tennis courts, and a playing field. Fort Meigs Sertoma Park, also near central North Towne, has a baseball diamond, basketball court and tennis court for recreation. North Towne is the home of Raceway Park, a place where Toledoans can enjoy horse races on the weekends.

North Towne is also home to many commercial businesses. Alexis Road serves as the commercial corridor for the neighborhood, and many small plazas and shops can be found lining the road. North Towne Square Mall, on the corner of Alexis Road and Telegraph Road, is home for many specialty shops and department stores. The North Towne Commons Shopping Center, on Alexis Road and Jackman Road, also provides goods and services to the community.

North Towne contains many of North and West Toledo’s major streets. Alexis Road runs east to Toledo’s industrial sector, another shopping center, and the Point Place neighborhood, while the road heads west to Sylvania. Laskey Road also runs west to the Miracle Mile Shopping Center, and joins with Detroit Avenue to the east. Interstate 75 is accessed via the nearby on ramps east on Alexis Road or south off Detroit Avenue. The area just east of North Towne, at the intersection of Alexis Road and Interstae 75, is attracting industrial growth catering to auto manufacturing needs along the Interstate 75 corridor.

Homes in North Towne, based on 1990 census data, average from $50,000 to $80,000 in price, and have an owner occupancy rate of 60%. Almost 10,000 people live in the neighborhood, and their average annual household income, based on 1990 census data, is about $26,000.

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