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Toledo was founded in 1837 by the combination of two rival towns, Vistula and Port Lawrence. Together, they made Toledo the most prominent city on the Maumee River. Over the last one hundred fifty years, Toledo has expanded to engulf other smaller towns such as Point Place, Trilby, Washington, and Manhattan. Working as one, these communities help make Toledo the most prominent city in Northwest Ohio, as well as a world class city.

Although these towns are long gone, their marks can still be seen today. Rather than spreading out from a focal point like many other large cities, Toledo is a collection of pockets of neighborhoods which have meshed and grown together over the years. Consequently, each of these neighborhoods has retained its own unique heritage and history.

This rich diversity allows residents of Toledo to pick and choose a neighborhood that fits their particular lifestyle. They can choose to live in a Victorian mansion, a shaded English Tudor, a suburban ranch, an urban loft apartment, or a lakeside bungalow. This guide is intended to provide useful information to help those people seeking to buy a home in Toledo. To do so, this guide divides Toledo into twenty-four neighborhoods. Each of these neighborhoods, in turn, is provided a description, map, and a list of useful information, such as the location of nearby libraries, post offices, and schools.

Toledo is one of the few major Ohio cities that still has a large amount of homeowners living within the city limits. After browsing this guide, you can see why this is true.