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Areas of Interest


Name of Place
West Toledo Post Office
Toledo Public Library
West Toledo Branch

Longfellow Elementary School
Larchmont Elementary School
Whittier Elementary School
St. Agnes School
St. Catherine School
Woodlawn Cemetery

1568 W. Sylvania Ave.
1320 W. Sylvania Ave.
4112 Jackman Rd.
1515 Slater St.
301 Morrison Dr.
3891 Martha St.
1155 Corbin

Phone Number

Five Points, named for its two five-way intersections, is one of the older sections of West Toledo. The Five Points neighborhood is bounded by Jackman Road, Laskey Road, the Ottawa River, Interstate 75, and Central Avenue.

Housing in Five Points is predominantly American Foursquare in design, but with some Neo-Colonial, Cape Cod, Arts and Crafts, and Tudor styles mixed in. The homes sit upon moderately sized lots arranged a common grid system. Library Village, a neighborhood identity within Five Points, is set upon a street system unique in Toledo, featuring diagonal running streets mixed with long north-south and short east-west streets which meet to form a circular parkway.

Asbury Park, just off Dryden Drive, has a baseball diamond, basketball court, and tennis court for local residents to enjoy. Corbin Park contains a baseball diamond, basketball court, and large field. Bennet Park, just south of Laskey, has a baseball diamond, basketball court, and tennis court.

With the five way intersection of Sylvania Avenue, Lewis Avenue, Phillips Avenue, and Martha Street as well as the five way intersection of Sylvania Avenue, Jackman Road, and Tremainsville Road, Sylvania Avenue serves as a commercial corridor for Five Points. Restaurants, record shops, and several other small shops line both sides of the street. The West Toledo library branch, from which Library Village derives its name, is also located on Sylvania Avenue. Laskey Road, to the north, also serves as a commercial corridor to the west and heads east to Toledo’s industrial area. The Miracle Mile Shopping Center, located on Laskey and Jackman, offers many goods and services to Five Points residents. Detroit Avenue runs north to connect with Laskey and continues to the Northtowne Mall. Access to Interstate 75 is available on Phillips Avenue and Berdan Avenue.

Homes in Five Points, based on 1990 census data, average from $20,000 to $60,000 in price, and have a high owner occupancy rate of 70%. Over 20,000 people reside in Five Points, and their average annual household income, based on 1990 census data, is around $30,000.

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